About our Responsibility Report

The Responsibility Report integrates our annual accounts and our Corporate Governance Report with our Sustainability Report. Systembolaget shall, as a State-owned company, prepare a Sustainability Report in accordance with GRI, the Global Reporting Initiative. We have done so in accordance with GRI G4.

Systembolaget shall, as a State-owned company, and in accordance with the Government-approved guidelines for external reporting, prepare a Sustainability Report in accordance with GRI, the Global Reporting Initiative. Systembolaget has elected to report in accordance with GRI’s “Core” option. GRI is a global network that issues a framework with guidelines for sustainability reporting. This is now the ninth year in succession that Systembolaget has reported in accordance with GRI guidelines and this year’s report was prepared in accordance with the GRI’s G4 guideline. The most recent report was published on 31 March 2016. This report has been subject to review by Systembolaget’s external auditors. See the Auditor’s Review Report in respect of the Sustainability Report..

The financial reports for 2016 comprise Systembolaget AB only, while the Sustainability Report for the 2015 operational year comprises the operations of Systembolaget AB and the wholly owned subsidiary company, IQ-initiativet AB, which are material from a sustainability perspective. Sustainability data that falls outside of the information mandate of IQ-initiativet, or which refers to Systembolaget’s other subsidiary companies is not, however, included as these data have no material significance in relation to Systembolaget as a whole. Systembolaget currently conducts its measurement and monitoring of sustainability areas at company level. In cases where the GRI guidelines encourage reporting per region, therefore, the region corresponds to Sweden as a whole.

We have reported 11 indicators and 10 company-specific key performance indicators this year. The S03 indicator has been removed from this year’s Report due to difficulties in linking it to Systembolaget’s anti-corruption work. The internal audit conducted annually focuses on different significant areas for Systembolaget in different years, and not solely on the anti-corruption work. Measurement and calculation methods are, where necessary, described in conjunction with the respective indicator. The compilation and quality assurance of the indicators is conducted by Systembolaget’s GRI Coordinator. Target figures and comparative figures are reported, where relevant. All monitoring data for our carbon dioxide emissions is, as was the case in 2015, calculated in line with the Green House Gas Protocol (GHG protocol). Any amendments to comparison figures from previous years’ reports are noted under the indicator in question.

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