Materiality analysis

We elected, ahead of this year’s Report, to confine ourselves to updating previous years’ materiality analyses. We conducted a stakeholder survey in order to ensure that our sustainability areas correspond to our stakeholders’ expectations and to gain an understanding of our customers’ perceptions of Systembolaget’s position in the various areas.

We sent out an online questionnaire to:

  • Our customers – everyone in Sweden. (A nationwide representative selection of people aged 15 and above. We received just over 1,000 responses.)
  • Systembolaget managers – departmental managers, unit managers, sales managers, area managers, and store managers (ca. 500 employees)
  • Our 100 biggest suppliers

Representatives of Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation were also invited to enter into a qualitative dialogue on our sustainability areas.

Results of the stakeholder dialogues

The results demonstrate very small changes from previous years. The priority areas identified in 2015 are deemed still to be either important or very important by external stakeholders, the owner, and Systembolaget’s managers. At the top of the list were the issues associated with Systembolaget’s objective – limiting the harmful effects of alcohol. In second place came social responsibility in the supply chain, closely followed by environmental issues in the supply chain, such as transport and packaging, and efforts to counter corruption. Organic products were ranked slightly lower, but are still regarded as important. The area regarded by customers, managers and suppliers alike as least important, relatively speaking, was diversity. This is, however, an area that our owner regarded as a high priority issue.

The stakeholder survey also revealed that awareness levels with regard to Systembolaget’s sustainability work are relatively low amongst the Swedish population, with the exception of when it comes to issues related to limiting the harmful effects of alcohol and our organic products range.

Our seven areas of responsibility

The materiality analysis has been used as the basis for Systembolaget’s reporting, and we report our operations within the framework of our seven material sustainability areas: