Our responsibility for sustainable development

Systembolaget’s social mandate means selling responsibly, providing a high standard of service, and providing information on the risks associated with alcohol. This means accepting a responsibility that stretches far beyond our stores. We use information and dialogue to help promote a smarter approach to alcohol that is expressed in our vision: a society in which alcoholic drinks are enjoyed with due regard to health considerations so that no one is harmed. We have made progress, but we still have a long way to go. Our strategies are always rooted in research and we update them in line with new know-how and changing conditions. We understand that our mandate demands that we work sustainably and that we take a long-term approach.

Systembolaget is a major player with substantial influence and a unique position in the beverage market. Just as it is, for us, a given that we take responsibility for our employers and our own environmental impact and that we have zero tolerance for corruption and discrimination, so are we also keen to work with our suppliers to ensure good working conditions and human rights, reduce environmental impact, and counter corruption within the supply chain in exactly the same way.

Our priorities, when it comes to sustainability, are based on a materiality analysis, and sustainability issues are fully integrated into our new, overall strategic plan. We are currently carrying out a programme of strategic work designed to further clarifying our ambitions in the sustainability sphere, based on our unique role, to show how our work contributes to achieving global sustainability goals, and to identify ways in which we can integrate sustainability even more deeply into our day-to-day operations.

Working at Systembolaget means being part of Sweden’s alcohol policy. It is our employees’ expertise and commitment that impresses our customers and ensures their satisfaction. We are endeavouring to become increasingly inclusive and are working continuously to create, improve and maintain good performance environments for our employees. This is how we will reinforce our employees’ ability to take responsibility for the entire value chain within which Systembolaget works. It is our employees who continue to generate the high levels of public confidence that Systembolaget enjoys.

Our responsibility for sustainable development, expressed in our customer promise:

You should always feel welcome.

  • You are welcome and should be treated with respect, whoever you are and whatever the reason for your visit.
  • We are here for you and we should actively show how happy we are to see you.
  • We will do everything we can to help you – simply and smoothly.

You should always feel that you’ve learned something from us.

  • We should share our knowledge generously in a way that suits you.
  • You choose and we provide inspiration, so that you can enjoy our drinks with due regard for both your own health and other people’s.
  • Our advice is brand-neutral and tailor-made for you, to ensure you can make good, informed choices.

You should always be able to rely on us to sell responsibly.

  • Our selling rules include consideration for everyone’s well-being, and we adhere to them at all times.
  • The products you buy are carefully selected and we are keen to ensure that they are sustainable, both for people and for the environment.
  • Our goal is not to make as much money as possible. We are happy to talk about why Systembolaget exists, and the benefits we bring.

Our responsibility and our sustainable development work come under the heading of seven overall – and very important – sustainability areas:

  • Limit the harmful effects of alcohol
  • Good working conditions in the supply chain
  • Environmental improvements in the supply chain
  • Climate impact
  • Ethics and anti-corruption
  • Sustainable performance environments
  • Inclusiveness

The President’s Statement contains further information about significant events during the year. To find out in more detail about how we work and events during the year, see the respective sustainability area.

Material sustainability area

Delimitation – the points in our value chain at which this area is material

Company-specific key ratios

Outcome 2016

Goal 2016

Goal 2017

GRI indicator

Limit the harmful effects of alcohol

The entire local community (everyone in Sweden)

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
CSI – social element
Proof of age checks, %
Alcohol index
Opinion index, OPI, %





Good working conditions in the supply chain

Material at both producer and cultivation level, but also in assessing the responsibility that suppliers take for these issues.

Percentage of suppliers who have confirmed the Code of Conduct electronically, %





Environmental improvements in the supply chain

Material at both producer and cultivation level, but also in assessing the responsibility that suppliers take for these issues.

Organic products as a percentage of sales, %



(See also Climate)

Climate impact

Packaging has by far the biggest climate impact of any part of the value chain, followed by transport. The scale of the direct climate impact of our own operations is not material, but it does have an important signal value.

CO2 emissions from electricity, business travel, packaging, tonnes





Ethics and anti-corruption

The area is material, both within the organisation and in the supply chain.



Sustainable performance environments

All of Systembolaget’s operations.

Performance culture
Total sick leave rate, %






Our view of diversity is based on the fact that we are here for everyone in Sweden. The area is also material from the point of view of our own talent pool.

No, covered by LA12