Stakeholder engagement

We are engaged in ongoing dialogues with the following stakeholder groups: owners, customers, employees, suppliers, and society as a whole. We conduct questionnaire-based surveys at least once a year and also hold roundtable discussions and carry out surveys based on need and specific subject areas. The results of our questionnaire-based surveys and dialogues are used in, amongst other things, Systembolaget’s strategic work, and form the basis for our strategic key ratios. We usually conduct some form of stakeholder mapping work to ensure we target the right stakeholders within the stakeholder groups, in line with the occasion and the dialogue objective, in order to determine which stakeholders are likely to be able to make a contribution. We conducted the following dialogues in 2016.

Stakeholder group

Important key issues

Examples of activities and dialogues to address these key issues


Ensure that alcohol is not sold to minors

Proof of age checks

Information on the harmful effects of alcohol

Information on alcohol and health at
Opinion Index (OPI)
The work of the IQ initiative
Alcohol Index

Brand monitoring

A representative sample of men and women aged between 18 and 74 are asked for their views on Systembolaget four times a year. The questions we ask include their views of the impact of alcohol on society as a whole. The questionnaire takes the form of a web panel, and 4,000 interviews were conducted during the year.

Inclusiveness work

Collaboration with the Swedish Public Employment Service and their Sweden Together/100 club initiative, the purpose of which is to help new arrivals and those born in other countries enter the labour market.

Stakeholder group

Important key issues

Examples of activities and dialogues to address these key issues


Range & offering

Focus on more climate-friendly packaging and on a more extensive range of organically and ethically labelled products

Good service

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

Customer interaction

We want to ensure that we live up to our customers’ expectations of good service and a responsible interaction every time they interact with Systembolaget. This is why we conduct annual measurements of the customer experience in physical stores (CSI), the digital store (ordering service), from our agents, at, in our Search & Find app, at our drinks auctions, and from our Customer Services (via phone, email, Facebook or online chat service)

Knowledgeable & proactive personnel

Internal focus on the customer interaction, proactivity, and offering the right service for every customer

Informed alcohol consumption

Customer insight surveys of alcohol and health

Stakeholder group

Important key issues

Examples of activities and dialogues to address these key issues


Alcohol policy mandate

Owner dialogue and AGM. We have an ongoing dialogue with our owners to ensure that we live up to their expectations and requirements

Strategic goals

Owner dialogue, Annual General Meeting

Sustainability, this year primarily focusing on diversity, climate and human rights

Owner dialogue, Annual General Meeting, seminars

Stakeholder group

Important key issues

Examples of activities and dialogues to address these key issues


Skills & development

Ongoing performance reviews

Performance terms

Work with Good Leadership (DGL) and employee questionnaire-based surveys

Authority & confidence

Ethics dialogues

Work environment issues

Work Environment Committee and collaboration agreements. Systembolaget has a Work Environment Committee that meets four times a year at which time employer and personnel representatives (from different trade unions) get together to address strategic work environment issues. Both parties are responsible for highlighting important issues. Systembolaget is careful to keep the trade unions informed of ongoing developments in the work environment sphere and the contribution of the unions is, in turn, important in terms of the end results. It is equally important that the unions provide information and sound the alarm if something is not working, in order to enable the company to act

Stakeholder group

Important key issues

Examples of activities and dialogues to address these key issues


Sustainability work, for example with regard to lightweight glass bottles

Systembolaget provides ongoing information on lightweight glass bottles via the Supplier Portal, at supplier meetings, and as part of the ongoing dialogue with the suppliers’ industry organisations. Systembolaget has also received letters and questions from international industry organisations and held meetings with them to engage in a dialogue and provide details of Systembolaget’s climate work. Systembolaget has postponed the introduction of its requirement for lightweight glass bottles for 75cl bottles of still wine as part of these discussions in order not to get ahead of events in this area. Systembolaget’s ambition is, however, to implement lightweight glass bottles and to reduce the climate impact of its packaging in order to achieve its climate goals by 2020

Sustainability work

The Supplier Barometer

Code of Conduct

Reference group comprising representatives of the Swedish Spirits & Wine Suppliers Association (SVL) and the Brewers of Sweden Association, and representatives of independent suppliers

Industry development issues

Structuring regulations for the transition to lightweight glass bottles

Range & quality

Field trips to producing countries